Where do I book tours?

We only offer a list of tours offered, we do not handle bookings on our website yet. If you find a tour you are interested in, you can book it on the tour operator's website. There will be a button called "book" which will send you there.

Where do I meet tour operators in port?

If not stated in the tour description, nor the tour operators website, make sure to contact the tour operator directly or contact us for more information.

Difference in ship and port time?

Although usually there should not be an issue, make sure you know if the ship's time is different from the port's time. You can check online if any of the ports you are visiting are in a different time zone than your embarkation port. If they are and the cruise ship does not adjust it's time zone, make sure you know both the ship's and the port's time zones, as the tour meeting time will always be in the port's and the all aboard time in the ship's time.

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