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75-82 F (24-28 C)

Cozumel is the largest and most populous island in Mexico. It is known for its beautiful beaches and coral reefs. Mainland Mexico and world-renowned Mayan ruins and cities are just a short 45-minute ride away. Therefore, Cozumel is great for both people interested in the Mayan history and culture and people that just want to relax on the beach. Cozumel is, furthermore, a shopping haven and numerous shopping centers can be found in San Miguel, just a short 10-minute ride  or scenic walk away from your ship.


Chichen Itza: one of the largest and best-preserved Mayan cities with the famous El Castillo pyramid

Tulum Ruins: a picturesque Mayan port city with a beautiful tropical beach backdrop

Beach: visit one of several tropical beaches in Cozumel or on mainland Mexico

Palancar Reef: snorkel or dive in one of the largest coral reefs in Mexico, full with colorful fish

San Gervasio: a smaller Mayan archeological site right on the island


Chichen Itza: due to limited port time, plane (tour)

Tulum Ruins: boat to Playa del Carmen, bus (tour)

Beach: walk / bus / boat (independent/ tour)

Palancar Reef: bus  (independent/ tour)

San Gervasio: bus (tour)

Tour: We suggest you take a tour to that location

Independent: This location is easily accessible independently

CRUISE PORTS: Puerta Maya ( Carnival Corp.), Terminal De Cruceros ( mostly RC ltd.), Punta Langosta


Cozumel Chichen Itza by Airplane tour

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