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CARNIVAL SCANDAL! Two More Carnival Ships Fail Sanitary Inspection!

It happened. Again. Twice!

Carnival Cruise Lines is once again under fire after failing two more health inspections on two of their newest ships: The Carnival Breeze and Vista!

Just last week it was announced that the Carnival Triumph failed CDC's (Center for Disease Control) sanitary inspection, due to several health and safety violations. More here

(the Triumph has since been re-inspected and passed the inspection, according to Carnival Spokeswoman De La Cruz)

Carnival's newest ship, the Carnival Vista, scored an

awful 79 out of 100 (passing score = 86). The Breeze managed to do even worse: a 77!

Vista's crew hid hazardous food, dirty dishes, and equipment from inspectors. In an "organized effort" they hid several trolleys and containers in crew hallways and crew cabins. Among these items: 100 broken plates, raw meat, overheated butter, berries, vinegar, and soiled plastic cups.

(images received by Cruise Law News from anonymous crew members)

Furthermore, like on the Triumph, flies were found in the food preparation area, a cheese container, and by the buffet.

Crew did not appropriately document illnesses on board and over two dozen overflowing garbage bins were found all around the ship. Inspectors watched as crew members left dirty plates, trays, and cups on dining tables for over 3 hours!

Carnival responded to the three latest inspections by saying:

" We take the inspections very seriously and share lessons learned and best practices with every ship in our fleet"
" We have taken immediate action to address the issues identified during recent ship inspections"

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