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Carnival Triumph fails CDC sanitary inspection!

The Carnival Triumph has received a rare failing grade in its latest CDC (Center for Disease Control) sanitary inspection.

The only other cruise ship of this size to fail the inspection in 2017 was another Carnival cruise ship: the Carnival Paradise.

To pass the test ships need to receive at least 86 out of 100 points, however, cruise ships usually pass with flying colors. In July last year the Carnival Paradise scored an 83 - which, by the way, already was a horrible result. But, the Carnival Triumph

managed to do even worse: a disastrous 78 (out of 100)!

This grade was due to several severe safety and health violations aboard the Triumph:

Inspectors spotted flies in the food preparation area, found

"excessively soiled" and dirty dishwashing equipment, and dairy products stored at inadequate temperatures. Furthermore, inspectors found leaking water all around the ship, broken tiles and glass.

Water fountains are said to be "heavily soiled" with "thick black and brown residue as well as an orange/pink residue". Moreover, the inspectors had to dispose of large quantities of incorrectly stored food.

This was not the first time the Carnival Triumph had severe sanitation issues. Back in 2013 over 4000 passengers were stuck at sea off the coast of Mexico after the ship lost power. The ship was later dubbed the "poop cruise" after sewage backed up onto the floors, making the cruise unbearable.

Carnival has addressed the issue and has ordered a re-inspection in the future. Carnival promised that it has addressed the issues and has taken the report seriously.

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